Zero Gravity Steampunk Belt Buckle
Zero Gravity Steampunk Belt Buckle
Zero Gravity Steampunk Belt Buckle
Zero Gravity Steampunk Belt Buckle
Aspen Hot Glass

Zero Gravity Steampunk Belt Buckle

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I made this Zero Gravity Steampunk Belt Buckle by adding a background that of space with Saturn. Then I added cogs, keys, crystals and coated the buckle with acrylic. This is on a silver buckle that was made in the USA.

The buckle is about 3.34” long x 2.45” wide and 0.45” thick

Thank you for buying my glass art and have a fun and wonderful day


More about us:

Bill has been torching glass since 1993 and started Aspen Hot Glass in 2001. 

Bill and Rae are full-time artists from Corvallis Montana. “We are science geeks to glassblowers”. They both have technical backgrounds in the high tech avionics industry but left the corporate life to live their dream.

Bill became a full-time artist and started blowing glass in 1993 and Rae left the corporate world in 2002 to be with Bill and become a glassblower. In 2016 Rae began incorporating metalworking, dragon attire, and Steampunk designs into their glass art. Together they live on a small farm that includes orchards, an extensive garden with a greenhouse, Steampunk shop, Torch shop for torchwork glass blowing, Bills Man Cave equipped with an electronics wing and Brewhouse.

Their farm has fantastic views overlooking the Bitterroot Valley of Montana. Together they spread love and harmony, sharing this fantastic journey called life.

For more information check out their YouTube channel the  Bill & Rae Show

And our vacation rental Sage Cottage 406  web site