Our T-shirt/coffee mug design The Anatomy of a Vortex Marble

My background is chemical engineering so when I left Seattle and started working at a laser company in Bozeman, Montana I had some art training but not the graphic design skills for print advertising. After I drew a schematic of how a printed circuit board works the owner of the company wanted me to create their print advertising in the same format. He sighed me up for classes through Web Moneky a place I learned Photoshop, web design and graphics design. Now that Bill and I have a little slow time (January and February are a very slow time of year for our business, no one buys glass art because of a Christmas hangover LOL) So lately I have spent an embarrassing amount of time designing t-shirts and loving every minute of it. It is very right brain of me. Bill came up with a concept of the Anatomy of a Vortex Marble (his signature blown glass art piece that he creates is a Vortex marble), I designed the concept on the computer and made it like an old school schematic. It was a fun husband and wife collaboration. This design was also inspired by Everyday Astronugt who designed a t-shirt with the break down of one of Space X's rocket engines, Elon claims it is one of his favorite t-shirts. Bill and I both have backgrounds in the high tech avionics industry and we love Everyday Astronut and Elon who inspire us. They are awesome. We hope you have an awsome day ~ cyber huggies, Rae

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